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Data and intelligence

  • Data
  • Professional analysis
  • Resource integration
  • Data

    Market Data

    Price, production, producer, and consumption data for your commodity
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    Import/Export Analysis

    Complete trade records for target products.
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  • Research and analysis services

    Industry Reports

    Comprehensive overview and long-term forecasts for a target market. Service Sample


    Real-time intelligence on a target market.
  • Market intelligence database

    Get access to all CCM's research on a target product or industry.

    -- Integration of CCM's research
    -- Customized databases - choose which resources you want access to

CCM's Customized Solutions

If your business needs expert support for a specific project in the Asia-Pacific region, look no further. CCM is able to undertake primary research projects, provide strategic intelligence and a range of customized research.
See how our products can help your business.

  • Reports, Newsletter, Market Data

    CCM's Industrial Report service gathers and integrates information relating to more than 10 sub-industries to form systematic and professional research results, which is updated regularly according to our annual plan.

    CCM’s Newsletters provide you with real-time intelligence on your target markets in China, including:
    * Breaking News
    * Latest Market Data
    * In-Depth Analysis
    * Expert Commentary from Industry Insider. Market data provides you with the accurate numbers in the target industry, including the data of Industrial Productions Price Consumptions Manufacturing Cost Others

  • Industrial Database

    CCM’s Online Platform is China’s largest archive of premium insights on various niche markets in China. It is a big-data based market intelligence platform that enables clients to take advantage of meticulous intelligence and get ahead in the China market. CCM’s Online Platform consists of more than 180,000 data and information pieces across over 18 segment industries both from the past and present. With over 16 years of information accumulation, it provides clients with in-depth, real-time, comprehensive, and segment-industry focused information.

  • Value-added Services

    Company Profile: An Abundance of information on private companies in China and worldwide. Find out about the latest news, financial information, production and consumption and even the contact information of your competitors, partners and possible investment targets. Agricultural map of China: AMC is an online database covering the most macroscopic and comprehensive information about China's agricultural industry. Through annual update and visual presentation, AMC offers you the most convenient access to the panorama of China's agricultural industry. Agrochemical regulatory services: CCM's regulatory services in agrochemicals include EU pesticide registration, US EPA pesticide registration, China pesticide registration, regulatory and market reports, testing institution referral, supervision and study report review, as well a translation of legal documents. Consultancy: CCM offers “Industry Specific” consultancy services, which covers the full range of detailed business intelligence about specific industries. Our industry specific reports will give you a full understanding of the particular industry, in order to help you make the right decisions. We aim to provide detailed intelligence on your chosen industry, detailing its current and future state to help you make sound business decisions. Furthermore, We offer “Company Specific” consultancy services, which cover the full range of detailed business intelligence about specific companies. By conducting a complete survey on a given company’s financial status, cost structure, stakeholder's performance, and other aspects of intelligence, we can help you get a full understanding of the particular company, which might be your competitor, business partner, investment target, etc.