Yoonop is a cloud service platform starts from AMP stores and provides full range of comprehensive business management. In the meanwhile, Yoonop embeds pleasant household, manufacturers, and big data service modules to realize the connectivity of information on all elements of the agricultural supply and consumption chain through the three different aspects of technology platforms by manufacturers, agricultural material stores, and farmers.

  • Big Data mining and knowledge reasoning & Agricultural knowledge recommendation

    Use trend analysis to get diseases symptoms easily and convenient. Historical transaction analysis and correlation analysis will evaluate users credit risk. Agricultural products trade analysis to conclude regional food security risks. Furthermore, get recommended agricultural knowledge based on the condition of the user planting and breeding stage

  • Agricultural formula recommendation & Picture intelligent identification

    Yonoop uses a combination algorithm based on utility recommendation and knowledge recommendation. Furthermore, you can get a product quantity recommendation. The innovative deep learning algorithm identifies user images to recognize and categorize results automatically.

  • Semantic Question Answering Framework

    Automatically identify user's questions by using Yoonop's innovative NLP technology. Also, use the ontology system, powerful knowledge base and interaction technique at the same time to combine Internet search and integrate the answer automatically.