Infotikx is a global knowledge sharing and knowledge exchange marketplace where experts provide their services for the industry related commercial issues. Infortikx integrates both resources from clients and service provider.

In the present era of big data and information, it provides a platform to facilitate the flow of information and data, and enable enterprises with data demand to accurately match with corresponding research talents such as providers for enterprises, public institutions and individuals according to respective demand, provide customized industry analysis report, deliver and reflect economic information,industrial dynamics and guidance to enterprises. Industries involved include agriculture, chemical, life science etc., and will continue to expand to respective industries that are closely related to data.

Infotikx will gradually grow into an indispensable intermediary in data intelligence industry in the future. It will function as a bridge between enterprises and service providers, gradually establish the credibility of the marketplace itself, facilitate a quality assured data trading environment, as well as provide reliable information service for enterprises.