• Mapping your market

    We can use ValoTracer to help you build a 'market map' database tracing the relationships between all the materials, products, activities and industries related to your business.

    This can also be integrated into our big data solutions to turn your database into a dynamic market data platform.

  • Integrate ValoTracer into your website

    ValoTracer has already been integrated into www.cnchemicals.com, CCM's ecommerce platform that houses a huge volume of data products related to China's chemicals market.

    ValoTracer helps CCM's clients find the information they need quickly by displaying the relationship between the thousands of chemicals and materials on which CCM publishes data.

    The same principles can be effective on any complex website or database:

    Search Engine
    Map the connections between search results, helping users orient themselves quickly

    Online Catalogue
    Make browsing a library catalogue or product directory much simpler by visualizing the relationship between different items

    ValoTracer makes navigating complex websites much easier

    ValoTracer adds structure to your database, making navigating it more intuitive

  • Core concept

    ValoTracer was inspired by the idea that "everything in the world can be connected together".