About CCM
CCM is a leading technology-driven market intelligence provider across the industries of agriculture, chemical and life science which dedicates to giving the clients the accurate, timely, scientific, efficient and intelligent decision support. Further more, CCM is a platform of both institutions and individuals related to above mentioned sectors to contribute, exchange and share the valuable knowledge and insight intelligence etc. by utilizing the tools, analytics and data as well as other means of modern media and technology to assist above people for their application purpose and at the same time realize other functions of knowledge.

Founded in Guangzhou, China in 2001, we have been helping global businesses achieve their goals in the Asia-Pacific market for nineteen years.

Our philosophy is simple - global businesses often struggle in the Asian market due to a lack of reliable intelligence, so we will go the extra mile to provide the comprehensive, accurate intelligence businesses need to develop a winning strategy.

It is this rigorous approach that has helped us grow from a five-person startup to a thriving business of over 200 people serving many of the world's leading brands.

CCM's advantages

What sets CCM apart

1. Independent data – The Chinese market data that CCM offers is sourced from our own primary research and a range of independent providers, not only official government data. This independent data is more accurate and objective because it is from on-site investigations.

All the data we publish has been cross-checked and verified thoroughly to ensure maximum accuracy.

2. Whole value chain – Our market research is not limited to studying certain micro-industries. Our research covers the entire value chain - from raw materials to end consumption - allowing clients to get a comprehensive overview and a deeper understanding of the target market.

3. Innovation through technology - While many market research companies concentrate simply on collecting data, CCM also leverages the latest technology to help clients extract maximum value from this data.

On the one hand, we have developed a series of data platforms with built-in search and analysis tools to help clients find the insights they need quickly. On the other, we are continually working to develop more advanced analytical models to forecast Asian market trends.

4. First-hand experience - What really gives CCM the edge is the deep knowledge our researchers have of our target markets. Many of our senior researchers not only have years of academic and research experience, but also professional experience working in Chinese manufacturing, financial and investment companies in our target industries.

This first-hand experience gives them an even deeper insight into how these industries work - insight that many of our competitors simply do not have.