How do we collect our data?

CCM collects data from a wide range of sources, allowing us to cross-check this data thoroughly. We also collect a large amount of our data through primary research, as well as verifying third-party data first-hand through site visits and telephone interviews. This ensures very high levels of accuracy in all our data.

Our main data sources include:

1. Desk research
Searching a wide range of sources, including industry magazines, journals and government documents, gives us a good overview of the market.

2. Primary research
We get a clear snapshot of the market through detailed surveys and questionnaires. We also verify data through detailed telephone interviews and site visits.

3. Third-party data
CCM also sources data from several trusted research partners. These include industry associations, China Customs, market research companies, etc.

How do we verify our data?

Accurate data is still a precious commodity in China, so we take data verification extremely seriously. The quality of our data is ensured by our innovative Data Publication System (DPS)